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Our estimates are compeled by data not intuition or the whims of data recovery provider.

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New tools and technology have allowed many professional data recovery providers to stay in step with the growing demands of working with new devices capable of ever increasing storage capacity. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the data recovery client experience. The anxiety of personal data loss is compounded by the confusing and time consuming process leaving both the customer and provider frustrated That is what our project is dedicated to changing.

In anticipation of the launch of our 2.0 version, which will include the addition of more languages, we will also be inviting our user's to help us upgrade our service. Allowing the customer an opportunity to expand on the information they provide in reference to specfic data loss events and subsequent actions taken as a result, will assist providers to offer more detailed and case specfic plans of action. The more information we all share the more likely a succesfull outcome for all.

While continually striving to improve our service, our mission remains the same, to provide user's the most accurate data recovery estimate available online and the opportunity to link with local professional data recovery providers who are familar with the specfics of their unique case.

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Create an atmosphere of trust and respect for your customers through cooperation with affiliated providers from around the world.

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Welcome to FDRQ. We have developed this, first of it's kind, online service to provide an accurate, transparent data recovery estimate, eliminating the need to deliver your media for in-lab diagnostics before seeking service. Online estimates are based upon statistics from 1000s of previously completed cases and data gathered from professional recovery service providers from around the world.

Our estimates are compelled by established data, not intuition or guess work. We provide you with the most accurate information available on specifics related to your data recovery issues, including cost and time necessary to successfully complete the case.

Regardless of your geographic location, our data analytics are designed to provide pricing information adjusted to reflect a cost basis specific to the country from which you sign up.

As we continue to unveil new service offerings, FDRQ will soon be available in even more languages. Our goal is to reach every corner around the globe ensuring informed accurate data recovery options be made available to all.

We warmly invite professional data recovery providers from around the world to join this exciting project by sharing your valuable knowledge related to data recovery issues.

Our affiliated data recovery service providers have discovered that open and transparent cooperation with other providers has increased their individual success rates and helps create an atmosphere of trust and respect for their clients.

We welcome all interested to give us a 'test drive'. Our algorithm is self-learning and the more feedback we get from you, the better the service we provide. We are committed to continual improvement and the requests you make ensure ever greater accuracy.

Our service offers near universal support for all known data storage devices and manufacturing brands, including, hard disk drives, laptop and desktop computers, RAID configurations, Nas, multiple server platform types and mobile devices.

Visit us today and discover data recovery in a much better way.

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